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Nothingness, Appreciation of its presence only ever helps me feel alive. Void and time connect the gap that fear and love have manifested in my mind. It's always overcome by the beauty that she has residing in her eyes. The calmingness provided by them on the night you learn that your best friend died and you don't want to cry so you try to hide from all the things that cause you pain, you best expect a boomerang.

Life and death, dreams of flying, dreams of dying, dreams of having all my teeth come out. The things in life that scare me most I never let them cause a single doubt. I feel them overtake me let them shake me to the bone and then I scream and shout. The sound of music comforts me distracting words that I've been shouting out this mouth, I don't want to cry so I try to hide, from all the things that cause me pain you best expect a boomerang.


from Nothing Is, released March 11, 2014



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Karoshi Boy Corona, California

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